COVID-19 update

Good morning! A couple of quick notes to start: First, my apologies for the lack of usual posting schedule. The last month has brought many sudden changes of plan for me, as I'm sure it has for you.

Second: About 3 weeks ago I suspended all billing on Rediverge. You will not be billed for the next 3 months. This is in part because I know everyone is trying to cut unnecessary expenses right now, and part because I'm not able going to be able to deliver a consistent posting schedule. I will still be publishing, but I won't resume billing until I'm able to return to a regular cadence.

Signup is still open, so people can create an account and access the archive, but there won't be any recurring charges after that; for now.

I'm not going to write about COVID. Everyone is already inundated with information, and I have no unique perspective. So, my instinct here is to take a step back and pause, rather than adding to the noise.

There are many people peddling "how to remote" wares at present, and indeed I am usually a purveyor of such goods. The problem: Lockdown is no more comparable to remote work than starving is to dieting. Context matters a great deal. Nobody has ever worked remotely during a global pandemic, and all the advice being peddled is largely just nonsense which sounds good.

My only recommendation is to be kind to yourself. Lower expectations. Allow yourself and others some leeway for imperfection. We're all struggling.

Stay healthy.

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